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Jones Julie Counselor
Fallon Greg Counselor
Locke Angela Counselor
Miller Jeri Counselor
Skaggs William Counselor
Hageman Anne Business/Computer
Stebbins Jeff Business/Computer
Moore Murray Business/Computer
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Campbell Heather F.A.C.S
Lawson Linda F.A.C.S
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Hodison Russ Physical Education
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Jarvis Michael Science
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Patzer Kenya Science
Smith Drew Science
Zimmerman Kerry Science
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Drinkard Jason Social Studies
Gronquist Paul Social Studies
Kassin Larry Social Studies
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Overman Timothy Social Studies
Rimmey Dustin Social Studies
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Stebbins Jeff Social Studies
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Lewallen Richard ROTC
Fairweather Dean Tech Ed.
Henderson Robert Tech Ed.
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Jensen Derek Theatre
Kaufman Geoffrey Theatre
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Carter-Gibbons Lauren World Language
Romero-Hunter Dawn World Language
Waldo Janice World Language
Huo Qiuju World Language
Terrell Catherine World Language
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Perryman Sarah ELL
Granado Kandice AVID
Morgan Diane AVID
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Peterson Harry Gifted
Baatrup Laura Special Education
Bolejack Richard Special Education
DelCastillo Neriza Special Education
Foster Donna Special Education
Louderback Misty Special Education
Roenbaugh Lori Special Education
Schlueder Karen Special Education
Shover-Daily Claudia Special Education
Singer Eric Special Education
Burns-Sprung Nathan Special Education
Turkovic George Special Education
Chavez Maria Special Education
Miles Shane Special Education
Brower Brenda Special Education
Bartell Deann Special Education
McCoy Aryn Special Education
Baldo Eartha Special Education
Jarvi Annette Special Education
Mcllrath Meredith Special Education
Melton Mary Special Education
Mohler Dorothy Special Education
Obenieta Arlaine Special Educatoin
Staerkel Dawn Special Education
Wise Jacqueline Special Education
Wunder Anthony Special Education
Valdivia Rene Social Worker
Denney Maria Social Worker
Carter Lesia Social Worker
Bauer Tracie Social Worker
Patrick Susan Media Center
Cunningham Courtney Media Center
Quirin Peggy Media Center
Abbott Sam Career
Leslie-Canty Teresa Career
Ronnebaum Deb Career
Cruz Sal Paraprofessional
Lee Eddie Paraprofessional
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Barker Joan Special
Cowan Deana Special
Pittaway Katie Special
Baldwin Randall Special
Scrimsher Debi Office Staff
Rose Sara Office Staff
Alley Laura Office Staff
Smith Becky Office Staff
Edwards Wilda Office Staff
Simon Teresa Office Staff
Reed Shelly Office Staff
Valdivia Cynthia Registrar
McClimans Matt Security
Tremblay Steven Security
Leithoff Jeremy Security
Keys Shannon Gear Up
Grimes Pam Food Service Manager
Beuchat Larry Food Service
Chase Isabel Food Service
Connor Cecilia Food Service
Decker Thad Food Service
Fisher Michael Food Service
Guerrero Jeremy Food Service
Llamas Ernest Food Service
Lopez Hilda Food Service
Munoz Mary Food Service
Ohlsen Kyle Food Service
Ortiz Kelly Food Service
Scharton Mary Food Service
Thomas Barbara Food Service
Wheeler Rebecca Food Service
Wilson Bridgett Food Service
Palmore Linda Building Operator
Llamas Ramon Building Operator
Watson Dennis Building Operator
Wilson Larry Building Operator
Gutler Lynn Building Operator
Drew Smith


     I have two years of teaching experience, both at the University of Kansas, where I taught a freshman Atmospheric Science Lab. I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in General Meteorology. I followed that up with two years in the KU Geography department pursuing a not completed Master's in Physical Geography. Due to my love of teaching I switched over to the School of Education at KU where I was certified to teach secondary Physics and Earth and Space Science in the Spring of 2012 and completed a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in 2013. Aside from teaching I have worked in Geographic Information Systems, banking, movie theater management, and as a pharmaceutical technician. I have been the head bowling coach here at Topeka High since the 2013-2014 school year, and became the assistant boys tennis coach during the 2014-2015 school year. I am so excited to be involved with coaching some of my favorite pursuits outside of the classroom.

     I make my home in nearby Lawrence, where I have lived my entire life. My beautiful wife Lillian and I have no human children, only a couple of "practice children": a black lab mix, Scarlette, and a regular old cat named Bubba. I enjoy participating in cycling, tennis, bowling, and soccer, and watching almost any sport as long as its a local team (My favorites being KU basketball, the Kansas City Royals, and Sporting Kansas City). I was lucky enough to regularly attend KU basketball games, so seeing those in person or on TV is definitely my favorite. I also enjoy building furniture, playing guitar, watching TV and movies, and attending concerts. I'm very excited to be a part of the Topeka High School family.